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It is recommended that you complete the craft with a family members or close friends

Perfect combination of light and painting

Lighted decorative painting is a new type of art that combines light and painting. It only requires the use of electricity to add color to our lives in the dark. The biggest difference between it and ordinary painting is that it does not need to use paints and brushes. It only needs electricity to light up the whole room and light up your life.

Handmade pixel block painting

Pixel painting is the process of putting together pieces of building blocks to put together a painting. It is not simply putting together, but the process of discovering beauty in the puzzle. It is not only a painting, but also a work of art.

Handmade ins woven net bag

The ins style woven bag design is simple and popular, and the hollow design on the mesh pocket can be matched with their favorite accessories, making them practical as well as a visual decoration, and their unique weaving technique makes them even more artistic.

Cloud lamp

Cloud lamp, beautiful, soft, cloud-like, so called "cloud lamp" so loved by people. It can not only decorate the environment in the garden, but also create a romantic and warm atmosphere, so that people feel comfortable .
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